Corporate Profile

Mission Statement

Taiga Gold Corp. is committed to building shareholder value by advancing its portfolio of gold projects through self-funded exploration programs and collaborative partnerships with other mining and exploration companies.  Through this process and with a simplified corporate structure, the goal of Taiga Gold Corp. is to create itself as a compelling target for companies wishing to acquire high-quality gold projects for advancement.

Throughout the exploration process, our mission is to help maintain prosperous communities by exploring for and discovering resource opportunities while building lasting relationships through honest and respectful business practices.

Taiga Gold Corp. was spun-out from Eagle Plains Resources in April 2018 on a 1 TGC share for every 2 EPL shares.  This was done for a number of reasons:

  • To spotlight to the market the value of:
    • the flagship Fisher Project regarding its location adjacent to SSR Mining's Seabee Gold Operation
    • the partnership with SSR Mining to explore the Fisher Project
    • the partnership with Aben Resources to explore the Chico Project
    • the company's other gold exploration projects that include much of the prospective geology in the region
  • To provide Eagle Plains shareholders a bonus opportunity:
    • This is the second major spin-out for Eagle Plains, the previous being Copper Canyon Resources in 2006 which presented a lucrative opportunity for EPL shareholders.  This company was acquired in 2011 by NovaGold Resources in a transaction worth approximately $65m at the time.
    • The Taiga Gold spin-out provides Eagle Plains shareholders with 1 Taiga Gold share for every 2 Eagle Plains shares
    • Taiga Gold Corp's projects represent a stand-alone opportunity: 
      • grouped in a relatively underexplored region of eastern Saskatchewan within the prolific Trans-Hudson Corridor
      • acquisition activity by SSR Mining supports Taiga's understanding of the geological significance of the region and in particular, the Tabbernor Fault Structure
      • Partnering on the Fisher Project with SSR Mining 
      • early exploration success on the flagship Fisher Project
  • To simplify the corporate structure making these strategically located projects less encumbered and more readily available for acquisition
  • To allow for the separate financing of Taiga Gold Corp. in order to participate in joint-venture exploration programs  

Updated January 6, 2021